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12M Advertising Materials Producer. Printing House.Gadget Production

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We cordially invite advertising agencies to cooperate with us, as we can provide a wide range of print media and promotional products.



We advise You to choose the best forms of direct advertising, therefore We are seeking special solutions to work out all our customer ideas.


We help You to make a right choice regarding production technology of promotional materials and gadgets. We offer our experience gained by 20 years in advertising and printing.

We give to Your disposition the best printing technologies on various substrates and all facilities for post-print processing.




We are member of Polish Chamber of Promotional Products







Promotional mats, mouse and cup pads are excellent products to use in marketing and promotion – practical, handy – become one of the best advertising media. Our broad manufacturing capabilities allow to adjust the quality of materials to meet customer needs.
In the range of promotional mats you can find: mats for shop counters, breakfast mats or for pharmacies and physicians’ offices.
We also have pads for mouse or cup. They are made of different materials and in different technologies . Mouse pads can be openable, with calendar or ultra-thin.

Podkładka pod myszMata reklamowaPodkładka pod kubek



podkładka pod mysz

Interesting and effective advertising –among the wide range of promotional products you will certainly find something for you!
We always try to adapt our production abilities to customer needs to effectively help with company, product or brand promotion.
In our rich offer of products, you can find: various types of magnets and magnetic gadgets, stickers, decals, clings; office supplies (pens, rulers); buttons (pins), key-rings and promotional textiles: cloth for glasses, smartphone cleaners, lanyards, T-shirts, bags).

Magnetsoffice suppliesbuttons, keyringsmagnetic gadgetspromotional textiles




POS/BTL offer is addressed to companies that count on a mass production of small gadgets, gifts, inserts and other materials, which are directly aimed to a customer (leaflets, magnets, promotional gadgets).

In addition, we produce promotional materials that are located straight at cash desks or sale-related products, such as: wobblers, shelfliners, shelftalkers, labels, tags or price cards.
To hidhlight sale booth, we also produce roll-up banners, billboards or others booth elements.

leafletspromotional mats and padspromotional gadgetswobblers, shelflinerspromotional gadgetssignboards



druk poligrafia

Apart to the standard production of promotional materials we also provide paper processing and printing services such as high volume digital and offset printing as well as large format plotter prints.

We can refine materials as for customer requires – die cutting, creasing, gluing.
Also product packing and special packagings are a part of a production process. All special boxes from individual design are prepared for a customer demand.

large format printingoffset and high volume digital printingpaper proccesing and postpressprinting and publishingboxes and packagings



druk poligrafia

This offer is aimed to individual customers who wants personalized prints for all kinds of events (weddings, communions, anniversaires or special days).

It includes products like: invitations, vignettes, calendars, posters, mouse pads, etc.

invitationsplace cardsevent and anniversairy printsoccasional gifts








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How to prepare the design?


  1. Each artwork should have the proper dimensions and resolution of 300 dpi.
  2. Accepted formats: PSD, AI, CDR, PDF, EPS.
  3. All texts you must convert to curves.
  4. Each artwork should have bleeds. If it’s not specified in template they should have 5 mm
  5. For the best quality of colors please send files in CMYK profile (or in PANTONE if specified).

Templates for certain products are available on www.12m.eu.







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To prosper the best, our company has benefited from EU funds. We have developed the export of our products to EU and non-EU countries. Our machine park also expands to offer services of the highest quality.

















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ul. Głogowska 22, 45-315 Opole, Polska. phone: +48 77 44 13 500, +48 77 44 58 700; mobile: +48 669 882 888, +48 669 882 804, +48 669 882 805, e-mail: biuro@12m.eu

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ul. Głogowska 22, 45-315 Opole, Polska. Tel.: +48 77 44 13 500, +48 77 44 58 700; com.: +48 669 882 888, +48 669 882 805, e-mail: biuro@12m.eu

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