boxes packagings

All packages are made from individual customer design. We also produce boxes which are fitted to a specific products, delivered by a customer.
Our products, such as: cup pads, magnets, puzzles, playing cards and others are also packed in elegant, colorful boxes.



promotional bags

Bags can be made of eco, laminated or decorative paper as well as of cotton. All kinds of bags are made by creen printing or transfer for textiles. Orders from 100 pcs.


PCV and PET boxes

DIe cutted PCV and PET film boxes are made of highly transparent and rigid materials which are resistant to mechanical damage. PCV or PET film boxes are available in a cubic or cylinder shapes.

Corrugated cardboard

corrugated cartoon boxes

Decorative packaging made of corrugated cardboard is die-cutted and bondend. Boxes are available with lid and its design is adapted to the type of product. This type of packaging is used for gadgets and advertisement gifts.

With window


boxes with gap window

This decorative packaging is made of a thick, lamineted paper prited in full color. They are die-cutted with additional window – with or without bonded PCV film covering. Very aesthetic and stylish for small products and promotional gifts packing.



cartoon boxes

Die-cutted decorative boxes are made of thick laminated paper, printed in full color. They can be used as an aesthetic gadgets or promotional gifts packaging. Boxes can be marked and labelled as per need. Box shape is customizable – depending of product type.

Wooden and PVC boxes

Wooden and thick PVC boxes are a very nominent form of gifts packing. Most common for wine bottles or precious promotional gifts. They are laser cut and additionally engraved to