With banners you can display your graphic design/advertisement on fences, walls, scaffolding, etc. They can be printed on a white or reflective substrates, finished with eyelets for hanging. Banners are made of Frontlit – a polyester fabric, which is highly durable and resistant to external conditions. Larger projects are divided into pieces, which are stitched together and glued. The maximum width of one piece from one side – 1,50 m.


Mesh banners are made of criss-cross fiber PCV grid. It allows the wind to pass right throu, reducing the „kite” effect, so it’s perfect for big surfaces. They are lightweight and durable, so can be placed on buildings or scaffoldings. Mesh banners come standard with hemmed edges and metal grommets every few centimeters. We divide large surfaces in pieces of 1,5 m maksimum lenght on one side, stich and glue parts together.


Roll-up banners are printed on high-quality substrate on ecological latex plotter, which does not use toxic solvents, so our prints are not harmful to health just environment- friendly. They can be used indoors, in offices, kindergartens and hospitals. In offer we have several models of cassettes: Standard, Premium or doble-sided, in sizes: 85×200 cm and 100×200 cm.


Ideal for decorating shop and cars’windows. See-throu film applicated on glass surfaces shows advertising on one side and allow for viewing on the other side. From outside we can see color graphics when shops’ or cars’ interior stays unseen. Inside, we can see what is outside when windows stays slighty tinded. Larger projects are divided into pieces, which are stitched together and glued. The maximum width of one piece from one side – 1,50 m.


Self-adhesive film is a very popular material, used for example for wrapping: shop windows, furniture, signboards; interior and exterior decoration and every promotional gadgets. We print on a white or transparent film – both matt or glossy. Prints can be laminated with protective film or liquid laminate, which improves their durability and resistance to UV and weather conditions. The maximum print size from one side is 1,55m.


In our offer can be found a polimeric film which works best when wrapping cars, because it allows to form it on a slighty rounded surfaces.
Another special-purpose film is a vinyl wrap – a confomable material which is easiest to work on a countoured surfaces. Using a heat gun a specialist can mould he material around objects. It’s best for use to whole car wrapping. Both films are laminated to extend their durability to UV rays and weathering.


Magnetic decals are very popular as an impermament marking of vehicles or other metal surfaces. Magnetic decal is made of adhesive film bonded to a magnetic foil. Print is additionally laminated with a protective film, which provides durability to UV rays and weathering. Magnetic film is safe for car paint and leaves no traces. Not recommended at high speeds.


Adhesive clings are used in the short-term exposures (eg. sales, promotions). It’s a soft PVC film adhering to smooth surfaces due to its electrostatic property. It’s easy to apply and easy to remove, it can be applied also from the printed side.


Floor stickers are made of special films which are resistant to abrasion. Monomer film print is secured with a special, strong laminate that protects the print against UV rays and friction. Stickers can be applied in shopping malls, stores, offices, subways or on asphalt or pavement. The maximum printing width of one side – 1.55 cm.




Give your interior a personal touch by printing a decorative wallpaper with any graphics. We print on durable and tailored to the needs of substrates, such as thick reinforced fleece paper, cellulose fleece or special paper with glue. Wallpappers can be applied in the interiors of both private and commercial purpose (restaurants, kindergartens, clinics). The print is non-toxic and safe in interiors of high standards of sanitation. The maximum print width can be 1.55 meters.



Canvas pictures are created by printing any image on a structural material. The print is a high-quality and photorealistic (made of environmentally friendly latex ink). We strech printed canvas on pine stretchers. Canvas picture edges are also printed, so it’s ready to hang it on the wall without using additional frames. You can create a composition of images from one photo, for example. Triptychs. On request, we can make an image in any size up to 140 cm (short side).



Printed in any format and quantity. Paper types to choose: 140 g – which is suitable for interiors, frames, outside for short-term exposure; 200 g – a thick, stiff paper to larger prints, poster can be mounted directly on the wall, it is also suitable for outside short-term exposure. Prints are in high, photorealistic quality.


Make your Windows unique. Now you can print on roller blinds any thing You want – pattern, image o r photo. It is interesting diversity not only for private interiors, but also for commercial places, offices and kindergartens. Blinds are printed on special material for roller blinds, designed for printing on a latex plotter. Print is eco-friendly and safe to use inside the building. Printed material can be adapted to any type of roller blind mechanism. The maximum width of the blinds on one side – 1.50 m.


Thanks to a special polyester film – rigid but translucent – you can create your own unique lampshade. Just choose a pattern and prepare lamp frame. The offer is directed not only to those who deal with interior design, but also to enthusiasts and DIY craftsman. Branded lampshades are a great addition to the design of restaurants, bars, shops and other public spaces.

for walls/windows

Stickers are widely used in home interiors and commercial spaces. They can be printed on a substrate with permanent adhesive, easy-removable glue or non-adhesive clings. Any substrate can be white or transparent. They are ideal if you want to temporarily change the appearance of the walls or partially cover the window. The maximum width of the sticker from one side may have 1.55 m.