Invitation designing and printing
The invitation design can be prepared individually or templated. Invitations are printed according to the following parametters:

  • double sided color printing on a coated, offset or decorative paper with grammature of 300 g.
  • aminated printing an a 300 g paper (glossy or matt foil)
  • Laser-cut patterns in 300 g decorative paper with printed insert

Additionally invitations may be decorated with ribbons, crystals or paper flowers.



This are table top cards which help guests to find their place at the table. This is an important detail that ennobles table setting. The project can refer to the invitations or other elements presented on the table or room – they can be designed individually.
In our offer you can find a couple of forms and ideas vignettes for guests, also in the form of a gift.



Simple place cards printed on 300 g coated or decorative paper.



Delicate openwork designs are laser-cutted
in decorative paper.



Smart name cards which can be placed on wine glass (for example). They can have different shapes and openwork designs cutted in laser.




We can use cup pads in 2 ways – as a great gift as well as name cards pointing our guests right place to sit at the table. They can be made of a cork or thick paperboard.




Those popular buttons works great as a gift, but also can be used to personalize table sits during a party. Available in 3 sizes: ø – 33 mm, ø-44 mm, ø – 58 mm.




Acrylic keyrings are available in few shapes, such as: heart, circle or square. Wooden keyrings are cutted in any shape with custom graphics engraved.


Apart from invitations and name cards, we offer many more useful prints, such as bottle labels (for spirits, wines), menus for guests, photoalbums, posters, etc. Every order is considered individually and tailored to customer needs.

for bottles


Labels for bottles and jars are produced as a sticker. We can print any design, to fit your party decoration. Instead of sticker, labels can also have a pendant or collar form.



An important element at the reception is a table marking or numbering – for example printed and folded paperboard or insert in a special holder or frame. Also, created for special occasion, elegant menu completes the aesthetic arragement of the table.

of guests sittings


If you want to avoid unnecessary confusion during guests setting – the sitting plan can be really useful. It can be printed on large format – so it’s visible, and thanks to bespoke design – looks great as a aesthetic fulfillment of decoration.




Neatly made of noble paper guestbook will help to memorize ours guests’ wishes. Individual design can be matched to event decoration (invitations, names cards, table labels, etc.)




Photoalbum with pictures not only from wedding, is fully personalized publishing, which allows to keep event memories for years. Its cards are printed in full color on a thick paper with laminated or hard cover.




Large format prints such as posters are an exellent gift idea. Baby showers, favourite picture or funny information poster. You can print up to 1,6m wide.


Small gifts are very kind way to show appreciation for your guests. It’s also a nice personalized surprise for different occasions, such as Mother’s or Father’s Day and any other anniersaires.


A small gift, which is also a practical gadget.
The magnet can be personalized, with custon design.


We offer desk and wall calendars. Configurations and calendar format are set individually on request.
More information HERE.


Personalized mouse pad is a very original gift. We can print custom graphic or a photo. The bottom of the pad may be black or light gray. Sezes available: square (20 x 20 cm), round (Ø 20 cm) or rectangular (22 x 18 cm).

engraved and laser-cut

Precision of laser allows to engrave highly detailed graphics in materials such as: wood, plastic, metal, glass and rubber. You can also cut any shape in wooden plates, plexiglass, rubber and paper. We have the opportunity to create a unique gift / gadget for customer request.